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sábado, 25 de maio de 2013

Baby Sienna

Apparently I only write when we have babies, so here comes another "blog" entry just to document our new little one coming into the world.  This will have a lot of details, so if you're not interested...don't read :)

This pregnancy definitely was not an easy one, well atleast in the beginning.  I of course was sicker than the other two times, especially in the beginning, and this time I had two little rugrats to run after.  So it's easy to say that this time around there were a lot more challenges (good challenges of course).  We also had our best friends from Brazil, Tiago & Andreza come stay with us for about a month and a half, and clearly they decide to come when I am 8 months pregnant.  However, it was wonderful to have them here even if I could barely move :)

As any pregnant woman knows, those last few weeks are never comfortable and all of us can't wait for that due date, not only to hold our little one in our arms, but also to not be pregnant anymore!!!  Well, hoping that this baby would come at 38 weeks just like the last two I decided to tackle that darn "S" hill again next to my parents' house to see if it would put me into labor like it did before.  I was already dilated to a 2 and 50% effaced which for me is normal.  Usually the last two months I'm always dialted to atleast a 2.  For some reason I was really set on the idea of having a May baby and even though it was April 29th I was just ready for my little one to come.  Well I went on that crazy walk with my mom, Nikki, and my girls, and unlike the last time I didn't go into labor the next day.  I did have an appointment with my Dr. though and at that point I was at a 3 1/2 and 90% effaced.  My Dr. decided that I wouldn't last much longer so he decided to set a date for me to be induced which would have been the next Wednesday May 8th, my dad's birthday, we thought that was a good date for baby to come.  But apparently baby had a different idea.......... My Dr. told me to make sure that if my water doesn't break first to wait until my contractions were five minutes apart for ATLEAST an hour to head to the hospital.  Up to that point I had only had little teeny contractions that were barely even noticeable and with my two previous deliveries I really never had a painful contraction because I was able to get an epidural in time!  Little did we know, this time was not going to go the same!!!
The one thing that I kept saying from the beginning was how nervous I was that I wasn't even going to make it to the hospital because my labor and deliveries kept getting so much faster with each one.  I would even joke about how I was going to camp out in front of the hospital.  
My due date was still a couple weeks away, and even though I was hoping that "S" hill would start something, I really wasn't expecting anything.  However, here we were week 38 and it was 7:18 in the morning and I was woken up by a pretty strong contraction.  I didn't really think anything of it, however, I decided to get up anyway.  About ten minutes later I had another contraction and then ten minutes later another.  That morning Andelyn had a field trip for preschool that I didn't want her to miss out on so I started to get her ready.  By that time my contractions were getting a little bit stronger and closer together, but nothing real consistent.  I decided to wake up Vagner to let him know that I thought the baby was coming.  So he got ready and helped get Andelyn ready for school.  By 8:15 my contractions were really strong and getting closer to 5 minutes, but had not reached that point yet.  I decided to call my mom and Nikki to have one of them come over to watch the girls and take Andelyn to school.  As we were waiting for Nikki to come we were getting ready to leave for the hospital.  By that time my contractions were very strong and it was clear that our little one was on her way!!! The second Nikki got here we jumped in the car.  My contractions at that time were 5 minutes apart.  In the car ride they were now only 2 minutes apart.  By the time we got to the hospital check-in area they were 30 seconds apart!!!!!!  As we were checking in there was a woman who was to be induced checking in and of course taking her sweet ol' time.  You could tell that Vagner was getting really nervous, because it was clear to EVERYONE that I was in labor!! I sat down on the couch and had to check in from there because I couldn't even stand up at that point.  When they finally came to take me back which seemed like an eternity (I'm sure it was really only a minute or two), I couldn't even walk to the room because my contractions at that point were constant.  They ended up getting a wheelchair to get me to the room quick.  When I got to the room the pain was so strong that making it from the wheelchair to the bed was a struggle.  Since I could barely move the nurses started ripping my clothes off to get me ready.  All of a sudden I had a room full of nurses and all the supplies ready for delivery.  As the delivery nurse was checking me to see how far along I was, before she could finish she was on her phone with Dr.  Bierer saying, "Dr. Bierer Rachel Soares is complete, you need to get here IMMEDIATELY"  after that I said, "you're not going to give me an epidural, are you!" They of course responded "no, sweetheart there's no time."  This had turned into the delivery that I never planned on!!! At that point the nurses were just trying to keep me calm until my Dr. got there, but Dr or not the baby was almost here.  I told Vagner to call my family to have them come immediately.  I really wanted them there especially because with our last baby, Lyvia, they didn't make it to the hospital because she came so fast.  But it looked like they weren't even going to think about being there this time either.  Before I knew it Dr. Bierer was there and they told me to push.  Kaitlyn was working in the ER that day and she actually saw me being registered so she ran up to my room just after the nurses said ok "PUSH"  she could see how much pain I was in and clearly heard me outside the room :-/ I just remember Dr B after one push saying, "ok we've got a head," where I respond with, "ok get her out!!!" 
We had checked in at 8:55 a.m. and our beautiful little Sienna was here at 9:23 a.m. It all happened SO FAST that they were not able to get me set up to one monitor, and barely were able to get an IV in me.  Definitely not anything that we were planning on.  However, atleast it was fast and "easy" (minus all the pain.)  And atleast it happened when it did so Vagner could be there, because if it happened while he was at work, there's a good chance that he would have missed the birth of his own baby girl!!!  

We are so grateful for yes, another beautiful little girl!! She has blessed us so much already and we couldn't be happier to have her in our little family!! WE LOVE YOU SIENNA!!!!!!!!!!

Just when we thought our adventures were over, a couple weeks later we had another one..........
I had just fed the older girls and got them ready for bed and had just barely finished feeding Sienna, when all of a sudden I realized that I had started bleeding.  It took me a second to realize just how much I was bleeding.  I got up immediately from the couch and ran to the bathroom and realized that there was definitely something wrong!  I called my parents to ask them what the symptoms were to hemorraging.  I didn't know, but my parents were at a concert in Salt Lake, they told me that I should go in to atleast the urgent care, but it was already closed and the last thing I wanted to do was go to the ER!!!  So I decided that I would wait a minute to see if it would stop, and of course it did not.  I called Kaitlyn to have her come over beause it was Thursday night and Vagner was at work so I needed help with the girls.  I kept getting more and more nervous by the minute because it kept getting worse.  I called Dr. Bierer and he said that this was normal that a lot of times ten to fourteen days after birth you may start bleeding quite a bit, that it was just your uterus cleaning itself out.  I told him that it wasn't just a small amount of bleeding, and he said that if I was worried to go to the ER, but that it should stop within a few hours.  At that point I was a lot more calmer.  When Kaitlyn got there I decided I wanted to take a shower because there was blood EVERYWHERE.  After a few minutes in the shower I felt like I was going to faint so I started yellling for Kaitlyn.  The next thing I knew Kaitlyn was holding my back and telling me to lay down in the bathtub.  I layed there for a while with the shower on me and started to feel a little better until a few minutes later when I started going in and out of fainting.  Kaitlyn kept saying, "Rachel we've got to go to the ER" finally I gave in.  Kait called Grandpa Jimmie to come over to help me get to the car.  I asked Kaitlyn to help get me dressed.  As we were doing so, I passed out yet again and came to with Kait and Grandpa holding me up in the bathroom.  I was losing so much blood so fast that I couldn't stop passing out.  We made it to the ER and they got me back right away, filled me with fluids, did a whole bunch of tests, ultra sound, etc.  They just figured that it was major post-partum bleeding or that I possibly had part of my placenta that was still attached that finally came detached.  They kept me there for a few hours, gave me a shot to stop the bleeding and contract my uterus, and when I was stable finally sent me home.  It was not a fun experience that's for sure, however, I doing great now!!!
Poor Kaitlyn was a trooper!!! I definitely owe her and I'm sure I've helped prolong her decision in having children anytime soon after going through that experience and having her watch my totally uplanned natural delivery :) Sorry Kait I sure love ya though!!!  As a matter of fact everyone came to my rescue that night!!!! 

In the end it was a crazy couple of weeks but we were blessed with our little Sienna, so it was all worth it because she is healthy and happy!!!!!!!!!!
And we have our perfect little family!!!!

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